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Nigerian Entertainment News Has Gone Really Far, Years Ago We Have to Chill for NTA and Channel TV's to break the news to Us. How about now? We receive First Hand News and Information at Hands through Nigerian Entertainment Blogs.

The main reason for this article which you may not find satisfying is to talk about the flaws of Nigerian Entertainment Blogs.

Thanks to the numerous amount of blogs we have, Entertainment news is now widely spread almost in every state, country in couple of minutes.

But how well do these blogs make up accurate and standard news??? This, is the reason why we classify Nigerian Entertainment News into "The good, The bad and The UGLY" . .Oh Well.


There are several Entertainment Blogs in Nigeria which apparently, are good at constructing and creating news out of the ordinary. This is due to the fact that these blogs in question hire certain writers or authors who have gone through the art of journalism, those who have the passion for writing and journalism to a professional level.

I am not insinuating that one must study journalism to a certain level before you can own a blog or something. Whoever you are, whatever you do, you can own a blog so far you've got the passion for writing. I personally never dreamt of being a Blogger at, I'm a Computer Science Student with zero experience for journalism, but 100% passion for writing.

THE GOOD ones are those blogs that construct news out of nothing and still make perfect sense, they are the leaders in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry, they hardly copy, even if they do, they credit their source, they get the news first, they break the news first, they are somewhat the best, but sometimes have their flaws.

THE BAD �Tonto Dikeh Shares Pictures of herself with her family' . .and Then, you Get to click the news and what you see are pictures of �Tonto Dikeh with her Dogs'. Oh Well?

In everything, there must always be a bad side, they are bloggers that create sort of meaningless news, news that lack creativity, originality, potentiality and many more adjectives that can be used to identify something �bad'.

How can you tell me to come and see the Soup �Tonto Dikeh Cooked yesterday'? – How is that my business?

These types of Entertainment blogs hardly create news on a daily basis and when they do, they are total garbage!

How can a Blog that reports about Entertainment and Celebrity Gossips be feeding you with Tapes, Images and Videos of Indecencies of Unknown people? You see them like: �Heartbroken boyfriend releases uncensored photos of his Ex that broke his heart to pieces' and so on. C'mon, they ain't Kim K.

Apparently, they do these for the traffic.

THE UGLY – (THE PHOTOCOPYING MACHINE) Oh, well. .You create an article and you read that same article on 10 different blogs; Same Concept, Same Errors, Same Pictures, Same Everything.

It's something they're good at. No matter how you disable right-clicking on your site, these set of people will definitely find a way get whatever news they want from your site to theirs, without the fear of God in them.

CTRL C + CTRL V – The Most Important Keys on a keyboard of a Photocopy Blogger.

There are two words I've argued times without number – "Amanuensis" & "Copy Cat", they may seem the same, but they are not. They are entirely different.

An Amanuensis is someone, Like a Freelancer who is paid to construct what is being dictated to him, or what has already been written down,

A Copycat is someone who duplicates the entire work of another. How can you just sit down in your house and decide to Copy the entire work of someone, then publish on your site, like it's your intellectual property? Fear God.

An amanuensis has every right to reconstruct what has already been constructed i.e. to put it in a way that make it seem he is the creator of the creature and may or may not refer to its origin plus he gets paid for this. A copycat is nothing like an amanuensis, a copycat takes every jots and title of your work and makes it his.

We have more of copycats than amanuensis in the Nigerian Entertainment News Industry, they are in fact everywhere, ranging from the top blogs to the least ones.

These blogs will just take news they feel will drive heavy traffic to their blogs and then publish it neglecting the fact whether or not, it is an accurate news be it true or not.

The Gossip News Industry is facing these problems because of lack of originality, creativity, self confidence, ideas and what have you. The flair to make fast money have blinded these blogs owners and they therefore, lack the basic requirements of constructing or creating accurate entertainment news. At this point, I have no choice but to stop using my fingers to punch my keyboard. I'm tired.

Source: Entertainment Blog

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