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As such a multitude of events can be broadcast live, you will find a large requirement for temporary, yet specialist studios and commentary boxes to be developed on the sets of events big and small all over the country.

Of course, different situations and different broadcasters will likely have varied requirements, so events companies are required to be in the position to provide clients with a wide variety of designs so they can pick the best studios or boxes to suit their requirements.

In most cases, a huge amount of work is involved in preparing, putting together and de-rigging temporary structures for important events. Because of this, it's always advisable for event organisers to consult an event structures provider a long time before an event. Although a lot of TV and movie studios and commentary boxes are only meant for short-term use, it's essential it doesn't appear to be the situation; getting the appearance of a structure right is very important.


Studios are generally designed to be not only practical, but also highly appealing to the eye both inside and out. It's important to remember that they're often put to use in recording interviews and commentary coverage, rather than utilised as merely a filming platform for what is happening at a big event. For example, for important sporting events like Wimbledon, or a world cup, throughout the run up to a match, during breaks in play and post-match, a studio will be used by pundits and ex-players to carry out interviews and look back at the events of a sporting event.

Dependant upon the amount of people and cameras that'll be found in a studio, as well as any furniture or scenery, temporary studios can range significantly in dimensions. Event structures specialists will usually consult with event organisers for some time before an event in order to go through 2D and 3D design concepts for the studio, before figuring out the logistics of the actual build and take down of a non permanent studio.

Commentary Boxes

Typically, commentary boxes are not as dependent on their looks as studios are, because they are simply designed to provide a space from which event broadcasters can watch an event from and provide a running commentary through microphones alongside pictures and footage that are transmitted live. Most of the time, commentary boxes won't be filmed at all.

Nevertheless, whilst not as much thought is put into how a commentary box looks internally, it is recommended for designers to build a structure that will be in fitting with any other structures at an event, for instance, non-permanent seating. Commentary boxes must be constructed in a position which enables commentators to obtain a good vantage point of the action that they're broadcasting. This will usually imply that commentary boxes need to be assembled at a considerable height. Being mindful of this, health and safety are paramount and temporary structures must adhere to all safe practice regulations.

You can find out more here about Media Structures and their range of studios and commentary boxes.

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