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The Devils Grip is based on a true story; Biography Novels that is shocking in parts that one often struggles to continue. The tale spans four continents. It is fast-paced, breathtaking and painfully heartbreaking.

Those who were closest to him were the ones who betrayed him the most.

There are many tragic tales �out there' of abusive parents and innocent children who somehow manage to survive inconceivable years of �behind-closed doors' violence.

The Devils Grip has something �special' weaving its way through the pages of extraordinary obstacles, the horrors this young boy had to endure and how quickly he lost his innocence and childhood – the intangible thread of hope.

A fundamentally good-hearted human being, as a young man, he had no choice but to enter the world of crime. Existing on a day-by-day basis, he never once gave up trying to find his way to conform to what most would regard as, an �ordinary' life.

Biography of JR Rothwell debut Thriller Novels is gripping beyond belief and impossible to put down.

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