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Technology is an important element of modern life. Schools, just like businesses, need to take on board this technology in order to deliver an improved education as well as communicate more efficiently with parents, pupils, teachers and other stakeholders. Perhaps the easiest and arguably effective ways to better communication and begin the digital journey is to develop a website or schools app.

Schools apps are going to be designed specifically to offer up to date info to parents, in particular, on dates to remember, school events and latest news from the school. Having an app for your school as opposed to or in addition to a website delivers many benefits – the principal advantages of which are detailed below:

Simple use – a schools app will tend to be easy and simple to operate, enabling teachers and school staff to update the app with news, events and general school information, without them needing to have specific technical knowledge or training.

Use Free of charge – schools will generally provide apps for parents free of charge providing an attractive way to stay up to date with all the important factors in their child's education.

Updated – apps provide an ideal way for everyone to stay updated with the very latest news. App users can request push notifications to receive reminders ahead of events or important calendar dates, thus ensuring that parents don't overlook on their child's class assembly, exam dates or sports day.

Everything you need in one place – apps are perfect because they keep everything all together in one place providing simple and easy access from tablets and mobile phones. This means important school information can be accessed by parents from wherever they are, whenever they need to. Links to the school's website, Ofsted reports and any other relevant information can also be added to the schools app to keep everything in one place.

Quick contact solution – it isn't always possible for people to keep contact details so having a school's app downloaded onto a mobile device provides parents with an easy way to get in contact. Schools can add click to call phone numbers, postal address and map and email addresses to their app so that parents, carers and prospective parents can make contact.

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